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EN ISO 374:2016 – all you need to know to sell BETTER

We have spoken a lot about the changes to the EN388 standard that were introduced in 2016. We did this so you were as well informed as you could be and therefore in a stronger position to advise and sell to your customers.

Today we’re doing the same with EN ISO 374:2016 relating to dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms for exactly the same reasons.

You see, as we’re sure you’re aware, there were changes to several standards relating to safety gloves in 2016, including EN374.

So you’re up to speed on what they are, please watch the video below, produced by Ansell.

It explains all the updates in simple, easy to understand terms, which you can pass on to your customers.

That way, they’ll¬†know they’re getting the right gloves with the right protection and you can increase your sales.

You can also download this quick reference guide, also produced by Ansell.

All of the chemical resistant gloves we supply are certified to the new standards – take a look at our full range.